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Parents of NUR and PREP (Session 2020-21)are requested to attend Induction Programme on 26.2.2020 (Wednesday) along with your ward at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Bokaro. Time: 1:30 pm. Entry from Gate no.2 Near Sree Ayyappa temple.    ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR ADMISSION TO STD. XI(2020-2021) IS GOING ON. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION.    

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“Samasta Jana Kalyâne Niratama Karunâmayam
Namâmi Chinmayam Devam Sadgurum Brahmavidvaram”


Dear Members of Chinmaya Family,

In my earlier Blog, I talked about Kumari Shruti who was 2nd topper in Arts stream (95.8%) in the State of Jharkhand in AISSCE 2015. I talked achievements and enthusiasm about her determination to crack UPSC Civil Services. After announcement of result, she was little upset for less than her expected performance, so she applied for re-evaluation of copies in CBSE. Finally her marks increased to secure the First position in the State of Jharkhand. She is now completing her graduation from Delhi University with flying colours and poised for her ultimate destination.

This I mentioned just to bring out the importance of “fighting spirit” and “not to give up” attitude in spite of numerous hurdles in the way. In students’ life, maintaining high morale and positive attitude even in difficult and adverse situation are important than anything else. Learning from failures lead us to success.

I have also seen some brilliant students, who suffered due to complacency as it does not allow to discover their full potential and talent. Complacency comes from over confidence. One looses site which leads to lack of concentration at finishing stage. Blurred vision reduces motivational level and even may lead to depression or frustration. Students who become complacent and less enthusiast at finishing stage, miss their target by a narrow margin in the same way as a football player misses the goal as soon as he reaches near goalpost. During final phase of preparation, teachers have a special role of mentoring to keep motivation level high & to keep positive zeal to take care of academic and psychological needs. Parents should provide enough support to their wards during testing time and take steps to minimize stress. Stressful player cannot hit the ball in the goal post.

There are two instances in recent past which would be worth mentioning :

• One relates to IITJEE 2017 and
• Another AISSCE 2018 Arts stream.

In both the cases everyone in the school expected top ranks for class toppers in their respective examinations and had confidence for their best performance . Throughout the session everyone used to talk very high about them and had high expectations. But In both the cases something went wrong and our top ranking students missed the target by a very narrow margin.

Students aiming to hit the high targets need to be fit and positive. Then only they can finish successfully. School must provide conducive environment and boost energy level as there is no place for complacency.

With regards,
Mahesh Tripathi