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Updates at a Glance :

“Samasta Jana Kalyâne Niratama Karunâmayam
Namâmi Chinmayam Devam Sadgurum Brahmavidvaram”

Dear Members of Chinmaya Family,

Hari Om to all.

I pray to Param Poojya Gurudev to give us strength and courage to face the challenges of this difficult phase. Please take care of yourself, your family and friends and maintain social distance. Avoid any public gathering.

Technology has provided us the way to stay connected through internet with all our near and dear ones. Don't create any panic situation and encourage your close ones to maintain the same. Don't believe on rumours and stop others from spreading the same. Maintain a high moral and physical wellness in this direst situation.

In case of any need, please communicate through our school's website or any other means, to which CV Parivar will promptly and positively respond.

Dear students, be in contact with your teachers and inform your physical location to them so that in case of any requirement, prompt help could be rendered.

As Chinmaya family, we have special responsibility to educate and make everyone aware about maintaining discipline and following government directives to protect ourselves.

Next 21 days are going to be the most critical for our country and we must contribute in best possible ways thus, setting an example for the world.

Keep smiling and motivate others also to smile.

Pray for the well-being of all, as our prayer..

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः

सर्वे सन्तु निरामयः

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु

मा कश्चिद दुःख भाग भवेत।

ॐ शांतिः शांतिः शांतिः

हरि ॐ

श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः।

श्री चिन्मयाय नमः।।

With regards,
Mahesh Tripathi