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Updates at a Glance :

A humble note of advice to our very dear students/parents/guardians.

Dear Examinees,
Blessed Self,
Hari Om! Salutations!!

I'm happy that you are going to complete another crucial circle of your school life as you are on the verge of setting another milestone of your life. As the season of Examination has set in, I would advise you not to be oblivious or pre-occupied with any other thought but success.

Remember, life provides everyone with an equal opportunity to perform and excel, irrespective of what we are. Now it is upon us, as to how we grasp this opportunity and harness it...

But the vital question is ,' Are we ready to face this situation ? ' As the proverb in Latin says ‘Audaces fortuna iuvat' meaning 'Fortune favours the bold'; so, are we bold enough, confident enough and strong enough to face the battle of mind and might?Always remember "Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life". So shield yourself with positivity, armour yourself with determination and plunge into this battle with a zeal and immerse like a champion. Leave the babble and win the battle. Be what you are - a true champion, my Demi - God.....

May Pujya Gurudev shower His choicest blessings on you all !

We invite your valuable suggestions for the growth and development of this institution. Your suggestions may be posted on

With Lots of Love and Prayers-filled Best Wishes,
In the Service of the Lord, ,  


Dr. Ashok Singh