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Updates at a Glance :

A humble note of advice to our very dear students/parents/guardians.

Dear Students/Parents/Guardian,
Blessed Self,
Hari Om! Salutations!!

Today is a very special morning. The rising sun is much brighter than other days. It is going to be a day of mixed emotion. Your face will reflect your emotions as different shades of colours – Anxiety, hope, faith, trust, optimism etc. will all flush through your mind.

But remember “Time has no reverse gear”. Live the moments of your life to the fullest and enjoy every moment.

Through these days of examination remember only you can be your best friend guide and teacher. Have faith in the upbringing of your parent, have trust in teaching of your teachers and believe yourself.

Remember you are born to excel, you are my “Demi God”, the unique creation of Almighty, the rulers of tomorrow.

I wish you all the best, be a conqueror, be a winner, be a champion but be yourself.

We invite your valuable suggestions for the growth and development of this institution. Your suggestions may be posted on

With Prem & Om,
In the Service of the Lord, ,  


Dr. Ashok Singh